Right Entertainment publishes news articles of interest to our writers and editors. Writers generally decide their own topics but the general theme of the site is underneath the entertainment and sporting world. You will find a lot of stories on the WAGs and BAHs — wives and girlfriends, boyfriends and husbands — of Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, and other public figures. You will read about the latest scandals, human interest stories, and sometimes the daily entertainment news that you already know. We also enjoying writing movies reviews and engaging in celebrity interviews.

RE Pat Cain – Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Pat Cain has a degree in journalism and broadcast media from the University of California and worked in print publishing for fifteen years. Transitioning from the chummy yet declining arena of print press, he one day woke up with the hair-brained idea of starting his own news site. Pat is an advocate for new online writers by hosting an intern program for those who want to hone the craft of writing entertainment stories. His philosophy for developing original, creative, information news stories is to let writers thrive by mostly getting out of their way.
RE Rachel Lewis – Editor
Rachel is a big city girl living the dream in in the ultimate city of them all, New York City. She spends her days writing in Central park and her nights handing out with friends at the local hotspot. She is obsessed with everything celebrity and the entertainment world. Her friends know that Rachel is the go to girl for he latest gossip in celebrity land and count her to keep them informed. Some day she hopes to finish the book she started back in college until then though she will enjoy doing what she loves writing.
RE Laurelei Livingston – Editor
Laurelei has been blogging since 2007 and loves that she has made it her full time job to help spread the viral and celebrity news of the world. When she isn’t writing, she is sitting on her couch watching Beverly Hills Nannies, The Real Housewives, or on Pinterest repining all the lovely things no one has time to really do. She pins hundreds of healthy recipes and cleaning tips a day, but is so exhausted she doesn’t have the energy to do more than order pizza and shove clutter in the closet. Ahh, the life of a blogger…

RE Kayleigh Hames – Staff Writer
Kayleigh was born and raised in Greater London in the UK and has had a keen interest in reading and writing her whole life. She lives in Middlesex with her in-laws, partner and baby daughter in a former boat house on the River Thames surrounded by old props from commercials, chickens and bees. She is a real foodie and addicted to celebrity gossip and beauty products. Kayleigh runs her own blog, Musingsofaslummymummy about her adventures in motherhood and writes articles for a men’s health and grooming website, the latter of which she has to pretend to be male for. She also enjoys the odd glass of wine (or five) and credits her love of reading and writing to her pushy mother who taught her how to do both by the age of 3.

RE Patricia Didelot – Staff Writer
A wife, mom, sister, and daughter, Patricia Didelot has been doing social media for more than two years and loves it. Especially Twitter, which to her is fascinating because of the melting pot of ideas that it is. Where else can you interact with movie business people like they were old friends?
Aside from social media, she is starting a business in consulting in what else, social media. She believes that the writing position at Right Entertainment fits perfectly with what she is trying to accomplish.
Patricia also enjoys reading, travel, fitness, movies and all things British, mostly.

RE Angela Brisotti – Intern
Angela grew up in The Hamptons on Long Island, New York, which inserted her at an early age into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. She has two children, including a daughter who is almost twelve and a five year old son who is autistic. Angela is thirty-four years old and has been married for thirteen years, living with her hubby near The Hamptons where she grew up originally.
Ever since she was young, Angela has wanted to be a writer/actress. Over time her passion became celebrity blogging. Since she was into celebrities at an early age it felt like a given that she should be talking about them, meeting them, and moving forward in this type of career. She is now a blogger on several sites.

RE Cie Opher – Intern
Cie Opher was born to military parents in Frankfurt, Germany. She grew up in the Northwest near Seattle, WA. Her name is especially unique because it is the name of a French perfume! Since the age of ten, she has enjoyed writing. Her main focus has been poetry, songwriting, and short stories. She was on the newspaper staff in high school and wrote music and movie reviews and all things dealing with cheerleading, dance, and pageants. She is a mother of three. Cie has worked daycare and retail jobs over the past ten years, but never gave up on writing. She is enrolled in Full Sail University’s Online Creative Writing for Entertainment program in 2011. Cie has regained the confidence to pursue a career in writing. Her role models are Mara Brock Akil, Stacy A. Littlejohn, and Ester Dean to name a few. She is all about female empowerment and strives to be strong and confident in writing for blogs.