Cara Parrish photos are hot right now because she was Shain Gandee’s girlfriend. If you watched Buckwild, you will remember her as the beautiful redhead that Shain was trying to get with all season. Check out her photos here.

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Photo: Cara Parrish
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I watched Buckwild (guilty pleasure, people, I was one in 2.5 million okay?) and it was quite an interesting show. It was basically these country kids trying to stay busy in rural life. These kids know how to party and threw some major bangers. They also went mudding and swam in plastic lined trucks, but they always had a good time.

Through out the show we saw Cara date the guys in the group, and she even had a girlfriend, Sevgi, a girl she dated in highschool show up. Cara was the typical girl next door – she is down to earth, nice and obviously beautiful. it is no wonder the boys were all after her. Including Shain Gandee. Shain tried to get with Cara all season, and finally int eh season finale, he landed the deal. It seemed like Cara and Shain were going to be a couple. So cute! Love them together.

Over the weekend, Shain was reported missing and after 31 hours of searching, he along with his uncle and a family friend were found dead in the middle of nowhere. They had gone mudding and according to the coroners report, released today, they died of carbon monoxide poisoning. We are not certain about their relationship status at the time of Shain’s passing, but we do know that Cara deeply cared for Shain. She has been posting to her Twitter and Facebook pages since it happened and she is clearly devastated.

This is the emptiest I’ve ever felt. Please pray for Dale and Loretta.

TMZ reported today that Shain’s family is having trouble paying for Shain’s funeral, but Cara wanted fans to know that nothing was set up to take donations as of late.

Shain’s family wants everyone to know there is no fund or donations set up at this time. Thank you to all of you who support them though.

She also posted to her Instagram account, sharing her favorite picture of her and Shain with fans.

As for what we know about Cara, she is a gorgeous model who advocated for the LBGT community. She came out as bisexual on the show and now speaks out in support of the community on her social media sites and in an interview spoke about a support group called the Trevor Project. It’s geared towards younger adults or teens that are in the LGBT community and are being bullied.

Cara has also done some nude modeling and y=our friends at Egotastic have those pictures for you. they are definitely NSFW.

Our deepest condolences go out to Cara and the Buckwild cast for the loss of their friend, Shain Gandee.

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