Well, well, well. It guess it was only a matter of time before something like this became more commonplace. Forget dating sites, you can actually seek out therapy for your issues with your sex life, and hey, you might even have sex with your therapist! That’s seems to be what Cheryl Cohen-Greene (photo below) is up to.

Cheryl Cohen-Greene
Photo: Cheryl Cohen-Greene
Credit: Facebook

Okay, so I might have oversimplified things. But it seems that one man named Clive just had problems landing the deal all by himself. He is described as an IT professional who is overly shy.

Now his little adventures are being chronicled for a television show that will air over in England.

The therapist, Cohen-Greene (pictured above), is actually pretty famous, and in fact, her work inspired a film called The Sessions with Helen Hunt.

It isn’t exactly as pervy as it sounds, but viewers most likely won’t be tuning in just to learn about sex therapy. In fact, the show airs on a channel that has some other racy shows already on the lineup. Both claim to be about the issues that people face in their love lives, but obviously not everyone cares about that.

As for the 40-year-old IT virgin, he will be featured on the show doing some risque things with Cohen-Greene, who is said to actually perform some kind of sex act on him. She is 68-years-old.

Is it just me, or are most of these Sex Therapists older people? Could it be that they are simply getting older and needed to find a way to make love to younger people?

Oh, well. Whatever helps the poor guy.

So as for Clive, it turns out that he is a very serious Christian, which has obviously contributed to him being a virgin still. It apparently takes about two weeks of therapy for him to be prepared to actually have sex with the therapist. She works on him for many different appointments that are actually caught on video for the show.

Don’t get too excited though, because it is supposed to be about Clive’s problems and how he overcomes them.

The real kicker is that there is also a woman who seeks out a surrogate for the same kind of problem. She eventually lands the deal with a 55-year-old man.

It sounds like these older folks are onto something. Getting too old for an exciting sex life? Simply become a sex surrogate. Problem solved.

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