Bianca Wilfork is Vince Wilfork’s wife. He was forced to defend her after a former team mate said some ugly things about her on a radio show. It was not pretty.

bianca wilfork

Photo: Bianca Wilfork
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Former New England Patriots linebacker, Ted Johnson, was put in a horrible position this week when he was on Sports Radio 610 Houston. He was asked which NFL player had the ugliest wife. Instead of answering gracefully, and saying something like, not everyone can find a Gisele – he chose someone – Vince Wilfork.

“You know what, I’ve got it,” Johnson said, his inner-censor clearly off at the time. “And this is a big, big man. This guy had his way with the Texans this year. He won’t hear this – Vince Wilfork.”

Referring to Vince’s wife of 9 years, and mother to his three children, Bianca Wilfork. She is not supermodel, but ugly? She is far from ugly, and I doubt the ugliest. And what a lame, cruel thing to discuss. How shallow can people get. Disgusting. Vince took to his Twitter apologizing ahead of time for his words.

“Let me apologize to my fans in advance of whatever I may say today but I do not play when it comes to my family.

“@tedj52 your barking up the wrong tree I hear and see everything mother f*****,” the 375lb defensive lineman wrote.

Johnson was quick to respond,

“I just made a huge error in judgment and want to apologize to Vince and his wife for comments I made earlier today on a Houston radio show,” he wrote before continuing his groveling.

“I have personally apologized to the family and feel awful. It was a huge error in judgment and I’m sorry for upsetting Vince’s family.”

Vince also wrote a note to fans on twitter, saying his wife is his everything. It was really, truly touching.

bianca wilfork

Bianca and Vince have a strong marriage and though not too much in the lie light, they are well known for their work in the community, and their work to raise money for diabetes research.

Nice of Johnson to apologize, but he already made a jerk out of himself. Kudos to Bianca for being such a strong woman and knowing her husband finds her beautiful and values her.

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