French porn star Celine Tran has scored a big settlement from Bow Wow for his inappropriate actions. The rapper/singer didn’t even respond to the lawsuit, could that be why Celine landed almost $80,000 of his money?

Celine Tran
(credit: Celine Tran / Twitter)

In July 2012 French Adult Film actress Tran sued Bow Wow for taking footage of her that he was not authorized to use and putting it all of one of his videos. Oh yes as it turns out he used pictures and video of her without her knowledge or consent in a music video for the French band Electronic Conspiracy. The group and Bow Wow apparently thought usin some shots and footage of “Katsuni”, her porn name, would somehow help the video for the song “Drank in My Cup”. Whether or not it helped the group, who knows but it did help Tran who is now $80K richer.

Other than Celine sued and won a lawsuit against Bow Wow, what else do we know about “Katsuni”? I used that name because that is the name she is known as in her business. The 34-year old beauty was born and raised in Lyon, France. As you can tell by the photos she is gorgeous and she has her Vietnamese and French heritage to thank for that. Although she spent a year studying political science at the Grenoble Institute of Political Science, the enticing world of adult film caught her eye at the age of 23. Ever since then she has made quite the name for herself in the biz, girl has even won a serious number of awards in her field.

In 2008 she released a movie that was part documentary about her life. The film was called “My F*&king Life” and documented her on various shoots, as well as some of her personal life. She has a website, which you can see here, but I have to warn you it has pictures and videos that are not suitable for everyone. along with website fans or those wanting to learn more about the brunette beauty can follow her on Twitter. Her account is under her professional name, although there is another account under Celine Tran, it is not the French porn star who just won a serious amount of cash from Bow Wow. Shame shame Bow Wow you should not be using other people’s stuff without their permission. I can see why he would want to add it though, girl is smoking hot and has some serious moves.

If you have anymore info on Celine or want to leave your two cent regarding her recent lawsuit please feel free.

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(credit Celine Tran/Twitter)