Jesse James girlfriend Alexis DeJoria, photos below, will become his fourth wife at the end of the month. Yep it looks like James is once again going to give marriage a try.

(credit: Alexis DeJoria/Twitter)

RadarOnline is reporting that Jesse and his lady love Alexis, are planning to wed later this month. The website is claiming to get their information from Star Magazine, so lets take that into consideration as we discuss if this is fact or fiction. The magazine claims the couple of about six months will get hitched in Malibu at that the end of march. The “I Do’s” are said to be taking place in a very intimate and private ceremony. As of now there has yet to be any word on the impending wedding from Jesse or James or DeJoria. However the two were engaged last November, so the Star story may not be entirely wrong.

The woman who is taking a serious plunge becoming the next Mrs. Jesse James is the daughter of John Paul DeJoria or to ladies everywhere, the co-founder of Paul Mitchell. Oh yes Alexis’ daddy is a billionaire with an amazing line of hair care products. But DeJoria did not go into the family business, so to speak. Nope she went into the racing business, drag racing that is. The girl is all about the fast paced lifestyle and decided to make that her career. She was a rookie last year in the National Hot Rod Association, competing in the Tequila Patron Nitro Funny car. In fact it was racing that brought her together with her soon to be husband. Apparently his business used to sponsor a mutual friend of the couples car and that is how they met. Love in the racing word, I like it. I don’t know that much about the type of racing she does but if you do please feel free to share.

When she isn’t spending time on the track or with her man the brunette beauty is enjoying her 9-year old daughter, Isabella. She can also be found Tweeting or posting status updates on Facebook. The 35-year old seems to be all about social media and you haters out there she is not afraid to tell you like it is, so be careful what you have to say about her relationship. Turns out she caught some flack on Twitter when she began her relationship with James.

As you can see from the Alexis DeJoria photos, Jesse James California born girl is a beauty. She has looks, feels the need for speed and she is in love. In the next few weeks she could very well become a married woman, life seems pretty good for Alexis. Make sure you check out the photo gallery below as well as a video of her doing her thing on the track.

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(credit: Alexis DeJoria/Twitter)