Cameron Crist-Mitchell is accused of engaging in illegal relationships with two 17-year-old boys. Not really the most surprising news to hear, but the kicker in this case is that authorities claim they have a photos to prove it.

Cameron Crist-Mitchell

Her mug shot looks very teacher like. She has glasses, and short cropped hair. The only thing that stands out is her prison-issue striped jumpsuit (see mugshot photo). She is also scowling in a way that even a frustrated teacher might avoid doing.

The story goes that elementary school teacher Crist-Mitchell used to work at the town’s high school. It is alleged that she met at least one of the teens at that school before switching to the younger grades.

She was arrested after authorities say they obtained photos of an encounter she allegedly had with the two underage teens. She resigned about one day before being arrested, and is now out on bond.

Prior to her resignation, the 27-year-old was a third grade teacher at a school called Alvarado Elementary South in Alvarado Texas.

The trouble apparently began when someone from the school district contacted local authorities on or around March 4th. From there, the school district began conducting its own investigation. They placed the teacher on administrative leave while attempting to sort everything out.

Local police said that a “third party” contacted the district with a tip, which began the domino effect.

After doing a little research, I found that the age of consent in Texas is 17. Both teens were were 17 at the time of the alleged encounters, so that frees her from any real underage sex charges. However, there is a clear law in Texas that states a teacher cannot engage in a relationship with a student at all. In fact, it’s a second degree felony.

You might say that she taught at an elementary and these were high schoolers. Well, the law states that it cannot involve any students inside the district, regardless of whether or not the adult works at their school.

It’s a very specific law, and now it is obvious that the law is needed.

Both boys admitted to being involved with the former teacher. Add that to the photos, and it sounds like she will be facing a pretty tough, uphill battle against the prosecution.

The charges as of now are “improper relationship between educator and student.”

What a world.