Okay folks, if you haven’t seen Trisha Paytas and her Grindhouse Barbie Youtube channel, let me tell ya, you are missing out. This chick is finny. And she is obviously hot. Double win.

Trisha Paytas

Photo: Trisha Paytas
(credit Youtube)

Trisha Paytas was featured on my favorite site to hate, the Daily Mail. Her channel is growing rapidly, with over 86 million views and 250,000 subscribers. Her GrindhouseBarbie channel focuses on fashion, beauty and relationship advice and the busty blond has several catchy titles such as: ‘How to become a professional model,’ ‘Why can’t women show nipples?’ and ‘How to avoid getting raped”. with titles like that, no wonder she has caught the eye of celebrities like Eminem, she even appeared as the video vixen in his 2011 “We Made You” where she parodied Jessica Simpson.

Trisha also appeared on My Strange Addiction as a ‘tanning addict’, in Modern Family as a ‘plastic surgery girl’ in a Guns ‘N’ Roses live video as a ‘mobster’s girlfriend,’ and as a ‘streetwalker’ in Amy Winehouse’s video Tears Dry on their Own. Her YouTube channel about me sections says:

‘yes. I am an actress. and yes I am a writer. but none of my stripper diaries are faked, forged, or acted.

‘I’m an emotional person by nature and this is without a doubt, one of my most personal stories that I could ever share…this ain’t the princess diaries….its the stripper diaries. funny sad shocking true.’

She continues: ‘DISCLAIMER!!!!!!! I DO NOT ENDORSE BECOMING A STRIPPER!!!!!! not that it ever sounded glamorous to me….but movies/tv/lies whateverrrrr make it sound like its the best and easiest job ever….its NOT!!! esp in today’s strip clubs. trust me’

Trisha is beautiful, she has a fun personality and by watching her videos you can see why she is so popular. She is just fun. It also looks like she is laying off the tanning bed, which was her addiction. I could be wrong, but the girl doesn’t look as tan as she did on GMA. Please don’t go overtime now honey, you look great!

We love this girl and we will be keeping an eye on what she is doing! I loved her Taylor Momsen makeover. Fab!! You can follow Trisha Paytas on Twitter, Facebook and of course catch her Youtube videos. And follow us at the same time (Twitter, Facebook)!!!

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