Well, she lucked out. Prody received a suspended prison sentence for an alleged purse snatching that was attempted in North Dakota. Christie Prody (photos below) is OJ Simpson’s ex-girlfriend, and is apparently now joining him as a convicted criminal. How cute.

Christie Prody
Photo: Christie Prody
Credit: Mugshot

As you know, OJ is already serving time for some crazy debacle that took place in Vegas. He isn’t even eligible for parole for nine years or so. Meanwhile his ex-girlfriend has been doing some crazy things herself.

The story goes that Prody attempted to snatch a purse at a mall in Fargo, ND not far from where she lived at the time. The woman whom she tried to attack was slightly injured during the debacle. The case went to court, where she entered what’s called an Alford plea. That means she did not admit guilt, but admitted that there was sufficient evidence to convict. That earned her a suspended four year sentence and two years of probation.

As for a little background on Prody, she was with OJ for more than a decade following his acquittal on the infamous murder charge. Their relationship was immediately popular with the tabloids because she bore such a strong resemblance to his slain wife.

After these two broke up in 2008, Prody went on to explain how she actually thought OJ was guilty. At the time, some people wondered if she was just trying to buy TV time by saying outrageous things. Others, of course, thought she was dead on.

She later admitted that their relationship was riddle with drinking, domestic violence, and drug use. There were even some interesting pictures of them looking a little bit tore up.

Even stranger, she was in the news earlier this year for trying to shop around a sex tape. Word has it that no one was interested, especially because it was not even with OJ.

Looks like she’ll have to go back to whatever obscure life she was living. That is of course if she can stay out of jail.

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Photo: Christie Prody
Credit: Mugshots

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