Get the kleenex’s my friends because once you read about Morgan Carstens and Nolan Keane’s inspirational story you will be bawling your eyes out.

Nolan Keane

Nolan and Morgan are high-school sweet hearts, who next weekend are set to become husband and wife. Thanks to the kindness of strangers these two will have not only their dream wedding but their dream honeymoon as well. Unfortunately the kindess of strangers won’t be able to give them one very important thing, a long happy life together.

28-year old Keane has only a few months to live. He has been battling stage 4 glioblastoma multiforme, which is a very agressive form of brain cancer, for the past four years. Last November his doctors told the former Missouri State University basketball player that his time was limited. They gave him less than a year to live.

Although the news was obviously devastating, Nolan decided he was going to live his last few months to the fullest. That meant doing two very important things marrying Morgan and having a honeymoon at Disneyland. He quickly began to make both of those things happen with a magical proposal to the woman of his dreams and where at else the Magic Kindom. When his family surprised him with the trip to Disneyland, he decided to surprise Carstens by proposing. Morgan, who is a registered nurse, put her life on hold to care for her soon to be husband. She has stood by his side through many surgeries, hospitalizations and treatments.

There was only one thing standing in the way of these two love-birds making their dreams come true, money. Nolan has an overwhelming amount of medical bills and put a strain on their finances. In order to have the wedding and honeymoon they both wanted his sisters came up with the idea of appealing to the public. They set a page at telling not only Nolan and Morgan’s love story but also their dream honeymoon trip to Disneyland. Through the website their $20,000 goal has been reached and as of Saturday March 9th, they will be married and headed to “the happiest place on earth.” The website will remain open until March 31st for those who still want to make a donation.

Morgan Carstens and Nolan Keane have a love story that would make anyone believe in love. Meeting in high-school, falling in love, staying together through his illness and even knowing that in a few months he will be gone, they continue to make their dreams come true. Instead of moping or being angry the two are celebrating their love and life together. It is truly said what is happening or will happen to Nolan but at the same time it is so heart-warming to see a couple so in love, who has already stuck together through thick and thin.

I was truly moved by their story what about you?

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