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Is Heather Milligan Arnold Schwarzenegge’s girlfriend? Photos seem to suggest that they are at least dating, which has sent the rumor mill into a 10,000RPM spin cycle. But who is the California therapist spotted with the former Governator?

Heather Milligan Photo
Photo: Heather Milligan
Credit: Twitter

Well, Milligan is a 38-year-old physical therapist who has been known to take on some pretty famous clients, like professional athletes. Now her latest conquest appears to be Arnold, who has recently found freedom after divorcing his wife, and the state of California. Or as he would call it Caleeforneea.

Sightings of these two have gone viral, with the latest being a dinner at a place called Babalu. The next round hit when several shots of them driving around Brentwood started to circulate.

A few other things have aroused suspicions. The NY Daily News has been hounding her office for comments ever since the two of them were first spotted together. The official answer there is “she will not talk.”


But then came some strange Twitter activity. For whatever reason, Milligan decided to delete this Tweet, sent back in July:

Heather Milligan Twitter

So why would she delete something like that? Well, I suppose it shows just how long they’ve been buddies for one. And for two, it definitely shows some admiration on her part. I think it makes sense. You have a physical therapist dating one of the most physical men around.

I’ll bet his body is worn out from the beatings it has been through during years of training. She can probably offer up some real relief for him.

It turns out that Arnold is not the only one who is a fan of this gal. One of the wide receivers who plays for the Giants once tweeted:

“(Milligan) is the best PT I’ve ever had…Need to find away to put her in my suitcase for training camp>Thx Ramses:-)”

I don’t know if that is slang for something, but that guy has some serious competition now. He should have snatched her up while he had the chance.

The only thing I can say is that if Arnold ends up getting serious with her, and they move in together, she needs to be sure not to use a housekeeper or maid. Just roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. Trust us… it’ll be worth it.

Update: Heather has been mentioned in the tabloids recently in relation to Arnold’s snail-speed divorce. Rumor is that he is in no hurry to finalize the divorce with Maria because he is going to owe here mega millions for cheating on her so terribly. And because of that, he has been slow to propose to Heather Milligan, who has perhaps been waiting patiently for a rock. C’mon Terminator, lock her up with a ring!