Jennifer Lacy photos are a major item this week following the shocking revelation that her WNBA legend ex-girlfriend could do some very serious time behind bars. Take a look at some pics of Lacy here, and get the run-down of the story.

Jennifer Lacy

As you can see, Jennifer is a basketball player also. She was once Chamique Holdsclaw’s ex-girlfriend. They seemed like the perfect couple at the time; especially because they were both WNBA players. Things took a really crazy turn one day last year when prosecutors say Holdsclaw had a violent encounter with Lacy.

It allegedly began when Holdsclaw began smashing Lacy’s car with a bat. That’s bad enough. But then she allegedly fired a gun at the car, knowing full and well that Lacy was inside. Now reports say she could do a whopping 65 years in prison!

That’s no small amount. I’m guessing that is the maximum amount that the law allows for that kind of crime, so she most likely wouldn’t serve that much even if she received that sentence.

That little incident netted Holdsclaw about six charges, including two for aggravated assault, one for first degree criminal damage, two for second degree criminal damage, and one for possession of a firearm during a felony.

It sounds like the last charge is the big one. It will all boil down to her having any prior arrests or charges, and if this will ever go to trial.

If the accusations are true, this story once again proves that money and success don’t buy you happiness.

Photos: Jennifer Lacy
Credit: Twitter