Here are Melissa King photos, the Miss Delaware Teen USA beauty queen who resigned her title because of porn tape allegations. We had a Melissa King video below, since removed on YouTube, which is an interview where she discusses pursuing her dreams. We don’t show sex tapes on this family-friendly site, but you can find safe snippets through the links below.

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(credit: Melissa King / Twitter)

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Miss Delaware Teen USA resigned her reign after the allegations and a sex video surfaced. It is important to note that she denies she is the woman in the video, although reputable websites have found some striking coincidences, such as her looks, her voice, and well, her birthday.

See much more here where you can play a snippet from the sex tape and judge for yourself. The video there is safe for work as it only includes the introduction where the striking brunette woman is sitting on the edge of a bed with a cameraman asking questions.

Biography: Melissa King is currently living in Fenwick Island, Delaware. She is a product of foster care which is a cause she has championed as a beauty queen. After moving around the state as a teenager, she graduated from Indian River High School (Frankford, Delaware) in 2012.

Melissa reigned as Miss Teen Delaware International 2012 before she entered the Miss Universe competition, representing her home state as Miss Delaware Teen USA in 2013. She had a Facebook page (now taken down) where we learned that she is “in a relationship.” Sorry guys.

She entered foster care at age 14 and exited when she was 18 years old. In the video below, Melissa discusses the challenges of transferring parents and schools continually during those years. She is a gymnast who had difficulty finding funding to pursue her Olympics dream. And she underwent therapy and countless court appearances as her situation changed over the years. Undoubtedly the experience leaves scars for many foster children.

Melissa’s Twitter page is apparently here where you can find many photos of Miss Delaware going about her life. There is another profile for her here. She seems like a genuinely nice girl who still has a brilliant future in front of her. Hopefully she will recover from losing her crown and go on to great things whether or not she is really the woman in the sex tape video.

Right Entertainment reached out to Melissa King for comment on this article. Although she is no longer Miss Delaware Teen USA, she should hold her head up high and reach for the stars because her entire life is ahead of her.

Update: Much has transpired since this story first broke in February. Melissa has indeed lost her crown but job offers are reportedly pouring in, including one for the former Miss Delaware to be a spokeswoman for a porn video site. Reports have also surfaced that King had outstanding warrants. Meanwhile despite her denials the company which released the first video, GirlsDoPorn, released a second one showing the woman identifying herself by name as Melissa King as she reads the porn contract. You can read more about that story here.

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(credit: Melissa King / Twitter)

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