He or She is the second most awaited baby of 2013 after Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal baby, but are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting twins? Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Kardashians and mother of six seems to think so!

At a book launch on the 13th of February, Kris Jenner told E! News “I think it’s probably twins!” and she’s given birth to and raised enough children to know her stuff!

Kim, who has just reached her second trimester, is said to have already gained 20lbs and gone up 4 bra cup sizes already, going from a 36D to 36G. A source close to the socialite told British publication Heat, ‘Kim loves her curves, but she’s upset that nothing in her wardrobe fits her any more. It feels like a losing battle to Kim, though, she is going to gain additional weight no matter what.’

Although her rapper partner has been begging her to slow down, she is still doing an hour of cardio 5 to 6 days a week as well as daily pilates and her usual hectic schedule. She tweeted a picture of a McDonald’s Cheeseburger stated that she had just allowed herself one bite and has been eating mainly vegetables, salads and vegetable juices. Dramatic weight gain and being large for your dates, despite healthy eating is one of the giveaway signs of twins, as well as excessive morning sickness, which Kim is rumoured to have suffered.

Although being an self-taught expert mom, Kris Jenner won’t speculate on the gender of the baby, or babies. A source close to Kimye has told website ‘Hollywoodlife.com’, “Kanye wants a boy but would be happy with a girl too, he doesn’t really care, Kim wants a little girl badly. But right now, nobody knows what they are having.”

Whether it’s a girl, a boy or one of each, we’ll be following the pregnancy almost as closely and with as much anticipation as the Royal baby!