Mob Wives star Ramona Rizzo is planning a wedding, which is great news. However there is just one very important thing or person that will be missing from her already planned special day, the groom!

Ramona Rizzo
Photo: Ramona Rizzo
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Fans of the VH2 reality TV show know that Ramona brings her fair share of drama. Well off screen it seems she is not all about the drama but happiness, which includes being engaged to Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani. You may not have heard of “Joe Boy” so let me give you a little background on him. He was allegedly a Gambino family soldier and was convicted of being a drug boss. Despite her fiance’ being behind bars and not getting out anytime soon, Rizzo is planning a 500 person blow out wedding bash for June. Yes a wedding without the groom, who will reportedly be there via telephone. If you are willing to marry someone that is going to be in the slammer for quite awhile, it must be love.

Other than she is going to be a summer bride what do we know about the Staten Island born and raised beauty with serious mob ties? Well her grandfather Benjamin Ruggiero is known in the mob world as Lefty Guns, some of you may recall Al Pacino played Ruggiero in the film Donnie Brasco. Despite his mob lifestyle, she was very close with her grandfather, however that didn’t mean she wanted the same life.

Ramon has four children with her first husband. She lived for a couple of years in Jordan, her ex was of Arabic descent and lived there. Some say she ran away with him to get away from her family, whatever the reason the marriage didn’t last. What little details have been revealed consist of Rizzo revealing that the father of her children basically held her hostage for a couple of years once she told him she wanted a divorce, you can hear more about that in the below video. He as it turns out did not give up his mob ways as originally promised. It seems ironic that she is now marrying a man who is in prison and is, or was seriously connected to the family business so to speak.

Ramona Rizzo, star of Mob Wives, has put her life on display for all the world to see thanks to this reality TV show. It seems that the Italian beauty has nothing to hide and those who follow her on Twitter can learn even more about the woman who is often referred to as a troublemaker who likes to start drama. As for her June wedding, which will take place at Butch Yamali’s lavish Coral House on Long Island. There is no word on whether it will be a TV wedding or not. Considering the rather interesting circumstances I would say it would make for some awesome television. Seriously the groom will say I do via the phone, love it! You may like her or you may hate her but one thing is for sure Rizzo has led one heck of an interesting life and you know what I like her. Feel free to check out the below gallery of photos and be sure to let me know your thoughts on Rizzo and her upcoming nuptials.

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