Steve Martin’s wife, Anne Stringfield, gave birth to their first child in December making the actor a first time dad at age 67!

Anne Stringfield

The New York Post broke the news that Steve and Anne had very quietly had a baby at the end of last year. Super quiet if you ask me, they had a kid and managed to keep the news private for a couple of months, impressive. Word leaked once the couple was spotted out and about with their new bundle of joy. The details of the birth, including the sex of the baby, have yet to be revealed. The clearly very private couple is doing one heck of a job shielding their child from the spotlight.

In terms of a biography there is not a whole heck of a lot we know about Stringfield, who is 25-years younger than her silver fox husband. As you can tell by the above photo, the brunette beauty isn’t afraid to show of her assets and she has them too. Besides that she married a very hilarious man, we also know that Anne is a writer. In fact she was a staff writer and editor at the New Yorker for years. The born and raised Florida girl, Pensacola to be exact, wrote art and off Broadway reviews at the infamous magazine. The new mom also spent some time freelance writing for Vogue, yes it would seem she has quite the impressive writing resume.

Anne and Steve have been married for almost six years and their wedding was just as private as their baby’s delievery. The ceremony took place at his Los Angeles home and was a surprise to all the guests, which included Tom Hanks, Carl Reiner, Eugene Levy and Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels. Nebraska senator Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey officiated the happy occasion.

Anne Stringfield, Steve Martin’s wife, is very good at keeping secrets. During their almost nine years of being together they have managed to keep their relationship under the radar. Being able to keep your wedding a secret is one thing for a celebrity to do but to keep the birth of a child under wraps for so long is pretty darn difficult but yet Anne did it. With that being said it is not surprising at all that there is very little known about Steve’s baby mama, who you can see more pictures of here.

Congratulations to Martin and Stringfield on the birth of their child. Maybe some day they will share if they have a son or daughter and also how they managed to keep the news private this whole time. If you have any additional information on Anne or just want to express your two cents on the subject please feel free to share with me.