Marisa Anton photos are a big search this evening after it was reported by multiple sources that she was caught in an alleged attempt to lure a teenage boy into sex. Yes, it’s a little cliche at this point, but this one is a little different.

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Photo: Marisa Anton Mugshot

It’s worth starting with a reminder that she is innocent until proven guilty. But for some reason people are really into these stories.

On one hand, you have a thirty something high school librarian out of New York state. On the other, you have a sixteen year old boy. Somewhere in between is the story of her being accused of something shocking.

A huge report was released that offers up a ton of quotes from the alleged victim. They basically boil down to the two of them flirting, and one occasion where the Anton alleged jumped on top of the kid, pulled down his pants, and said “Is this what you want?”

Most of the reports make it sound like the kid was too nervous or unsure if he really wanted to get involved in the actual act. Instead he admits to flirting with her:

“At first I was just kind of playing around with her and wanted to see how far I could take it, but she seemed to be very interested in actually having sex…”

Eventually, the accusations state, Anton sent text messages of her bare breasts to the boy.

The boy said:

“We then started texting with each other. The conversations and texts became more intense and sexual in nature…”

The report states that the librarian offered to pick him up for sex, but the boy declined. That’s where things take a strange turn.

If the accusations are true, the boy decided to go to authorities because Anton just wouldn’t leave him alone. He eventually notified police, who basically set up a sting. She was arrested and even burst into tears. She is currently going through sentencing as we speak.

One important point is that they didn’t actually have sex, so she doesn’t face any actual underage sex charges. Instead, she faces others related to child endangerment.

Oh, and according to authorities, she knew what she was doing. The boy said:

“At one point, she emailed me penal codes of possible crimes she could be charged with. She also sent me a link to a website where there was an article about a teacher that was arrested for having sex with a student.”

That probably won’t sit well with a jury.

We’ll have to wait and see what comes of this. Until then, check out some Marisa Anton photos below.

Photo: Maris Anton
Credit: Facebook / Google Plus