So which lucky woman these days is the new Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend. Sports reporting sites have identified two women, model J.Marie Maestre (photos below) from California as well as Aurelia Houston (pictures also below), a Las Vegas, Nevada hottie who has been friends with the star quarterback since at least college.


Since the 49ers Super Bowl quarterback split up with his long-time girlfriend in 2012, rumors have been swirling whether he has a new girlfriend or is going stag these days. You can read our earlier reporting on Corban Fennel here, but that messy breakup begs the big question. Now websites are reporting conflicting information that one of these two women is the new squeeze. Read more details here.

Aurelia Houston’s Twitter page is here. You can learn that she is a religious babe with some really great pictures that she is making public, including images of herself and others that show off a hilarious sense of humor. She is now living in Las Vegas, Nevada. And surprise! Yes, she is following Colin as well as several of his family members on social media. Friend her on Facebook right here. Ms. Houston graduated from Cimarron Memorial High School in 2007, and subsequently attended the University of Nevada at Reno, just like the 49er quarterback.

J.Marie Maestre is a native Californian who was raised in the San Francisco suburb of Concord, located east of the big city across the bay. Find her Facebook page here. She graduated in 2006 from local Clayton Valley High School there and is now 25 years of age. She is pursuing a modeling career across the bay in San Francisco which puts her in very close proximity to Colin. She has a fabulous modeling website which promotes her work and career over here where you can study her biography in earnest.

So which of these lucky girls is now Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend? Give us your vote in the comments. Is J.Marie Maestre your choice of the perfect match for a perfect quarterback? Or are you on Aurelia Houston’s side, the girl who has known him since college and endured watching relationships with other women?

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(Aurelia Houston: Twitter / Facebook)

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