Colorado teacher Carly McKinney’s Twitter photos are causing a major buzz this week — and yes, there is a pun intended. Unfortunately, her buzz allegedly comes from smoking pot. Normally not that big a deal, but this lady is a teacher in Colorado! On top of it all, she is also accused of Tweeting nude photos of herself.

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Photo: Carly McKinney
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This takes unethical to all new heights. We’ve heard of teachers having sex with students. We’ve heard of teachers getting DUIs or busted with drugs. Sure, it happens pretty often. But not many are bold enough to publish photos of themselves doing it online, and then brag about using drugs on school grounds.

Yes, she’s innocent until proven guilty, but the allegations are pretty startling.

McKinney is being accused of setting up the Twitter account CarlyCrunkyBear along with a friend. She then supposedly used the account for some extracurricular activities, which included a reference to one student as “jail bait”:

Carly McKinney 1

Here are a few other gems she is accused of posting on Twitter:

Carly McKinney Twitter

Yes, this really happened — she admitted it! According to a local news station, a viewer tipped them off. They then contacted the teacher, who confirmed that she was involved with the Twitter account.

The real problem is that some of it included Tweets about some illegal activities on campus. Like this lovely message:

“Watching a drug bust go down in the parking lot. It’s funny cuz I have weed in my car in the staff parking lot.”

The Tweets get worse, and even include a few nude photos, like one strange one of her doing a naked handstand.

One of them even seems to suggest that she was intoxicated while grading papers at work, and even Tweeting instead of working.

Now for the reality check part. She has so far denied that she ever had any drugs or anything illegal on school property. In fact, she claims that she had no idea about some of the content her friend was posting on Twitter, and called the Twitter account a parody.

And then there’s the part that might cause some outrage. The school district says that some of her activities would be protected under the first amendment, and that the main reason she is on leave and being investigated is to make sure nothing illegal happened on campus. Sure, they don’t condone it, but it sounds like if they can’t prove that she had anything on campus then she could potentially keep her job.

My guess is that her contract won’t be renewed either way.

So go ahead and check out some of the infamous Carly McKinney Twitter photos below.

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