The Following’ is a new crime drama created by Kevin Williamson (‘The Vampire Diaries’) and starring Kevin Bacon (‘X Men: First Class’), James Purefoy (‘John Carter’) and Shawn Ashmore (‘X Men: Last Stand’). The series is produced by Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Brothers and premiered on January 21st on Fox.

Promotional Poster: 'The Following' (credit Fox Broadcasting)

Promotional Poster: ‘The Following’
(credit Fox Broadcasting)

The series focuses on Joe Carroll played by Purefoy, a former college professor who taught Poe and then went on to commit murders against women in honor of his study subject. While behind bars he spends countless hours behind the computer screen, building up a copy cat social network of killers who follow his commands blindly. Former agent Ryan Hardy, played by Kevin Bacon, is called by the FBI when Carroll escapes with the help of his followers.

Williamson reportedly had Fox in mind first, as potential broadcaster, since it was the home to his favorite show ’24’. He gave the main hero in his series some ‘Jack Bauer’ (24’s main character played by Keifer Sutherland) qualities, but he wanted to produce a show that was controversial and bold, with gory scenes. He had to be creative to convince the broadcasting company to go with his idea.

The creator also had someone like Kevin Bacon in mind from the get go. “I told my agent, ‘I want to get someone like Kevin Bacon.’ And he said, ‘What about Kevin Bacon?'” As it turned out, Kevin had been shopping around for a TV show that he could be excited about joining for about four years.

The first two episodes of ‘The Following’ have been received with generally good reviews, although most critics agree that the series is very violent. The New York Times calls it “hard to turn off and even harder to watch.”

‘The Following’ airs on Monday nights at 9pmET/8C on Fox. Watch the trailer for episode 2 below.