Catfish star Sunny Cross was busted for drunk driving early yesterday morning. That is just one of the charges facing the former reality television star as she chose to get behind the wheel in Arkansas while allegedly intoxicated and driving dangerously.

Sunny Cross
Photo: Sunny Cross
(Police Mugshot)

According to TMZ she was busted in Fayetteville, AR at about 8am after an officer at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office popped her for driving too close to another vehicle, driving on the wrong side of the road and of course DWI. If true, that is not too bright of a move on her part I must say. She didn’t spend that much time behind bars though, as records show she posted $1055 bail and was released by 9:45am. However she still does face some very serious charges, so her legal issues have just begun.

Soon after her arrest Cross took to Twitter, of course, to send a couple of Tweets about the night.

“Well I guess it’s safe to say last night was an epic fail.”

“Mom treating me to a pedicure after a stressful day! My feet so need it after my ratchet night in good ole’ jail! She’s the best!”

I would certainly say that getting busted for a DWI was an epic fail. As to mom rewarding her with a pedicure after her night in jail, seriously, my mom would have kicked my you know what rather than spoil me.

Although it may seem that Sunny learned nothing from her actions or her stint in the slammer, that isn’t exactly true. When one of her Twitter followers asked if the TMZ article was true, she sent the below Tweet as a response.

“@eaglestudinoc made a bad choice but learned from it and moving on. First time I’ve even ever been pulled over for anything. I’m only human.”

That was a decent response from her so we can give her full credit for contrition. I still stand by the fact that her alleged actions were completely dumb though.

Sunny Cross starred on the very first episode of MTV’s Catfish, the show that explores the creepy side of online dating. During her episode Sunny learned that her online man was actually a girl. Yikes! She was duped into a fake relationship. I have to say I never actually saw her episode. In fact I have never seen an episode at all but I hear people love it. You can see a video of the show below.

Her fifteen minutes of reality TV fame have been long gone but now Sunny is back in the spotlight again. It certainly isn’t for anything good but none the less, she is making headlines. Here is hoping that, whatever happens in her case, she has a least learned her lesson. Drinking and driving never mix.

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(credit: Sunny Cross/Twitter)