‘Silver Lining Playbook’ is a romantic comedy-drama movie from director David O.Russell (‘Three Kings’), based on a screenplay by Russell adapted from the novel of the same name by Matthew Quick. It’s also based in part on the struggles of Russell himself. His son has emotional problems which inspired his father to make this film. So far it has been a hit with audiences.

Photo: 'Silver Lining Playbook'(credit popmatters.com)

Photo: ‘Silver Lining Playbook’ Promo
(credit popmatters.com)

The movie tells the story of ‘Pat Solitano’, played by Bradley Cooper (‘Limitless’), who suffers from bipolar disorder. He has been released from a mental institution to the care of his parents, played by Robert DeNiro and Jacki Waver. He then finds out that his wife ‘Nikki’ (played by Brea Bee) has left him and that his father is out of work. He decides to get his life back in order by trying to reconcile with his wife, who took a restraining order against him which resulted in him being institutionalized.

Photo: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence
(credit CBS.com)
Photo: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence
(credit CBS.com)

Through his mandated therapy sessions we find out that he had nearly killed a man after coming home and finding him having sex with his wife at their home. He does not think he has a problem.

Having dinner with his friend ‘Ronnie’, he meets his sister in law ‘Tiffany Maxwell’ (played by Jennifer Lawrence), a young widow and recovering sex addict who suffers from her own mental problems. They develop an unconventional friendship and he sees the opportunity to reach his wife through Tiffany. She offers to deliver a letter from him in exchange for him being her partner at a dance competition.

The film was shot in a mere 33 days and takes place during the 2008 second half of the National Football League season, with many references to the Philadelphia Eagles. Both Cooper and Lawrence were not the original choices for Russell. Interestingly Jennifer Lawrence auditioned via Skype, which she has said is not a very good method for her.

Silver Lining Playbook premiered at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival to very positive reviews. The film has been nominated for several Academy Awards including Best Movie, Best Actor (Cooper), Best Actress (Lawrence), Supporting Actor (De Niro), Supporting Actress (Weaver), Director and Adapted Screenplay (Russell).

Jennifer Lawrence won a Golden Globe for her performance earlier this month.

A trailer for Silver Lining Playbook can be seen here: