Corban Fennel, who was supposedly once Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend, is letting it all hang out as the Superbowl approaches. The whole thing has put a little stain on the star quarterback’s success of late — especially considering people are searching all over the place for her photos.

Corban Fennel photos
Photo: Corban Fennel
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No one likes getting dumped, and some women have good reason to complain. Word has it that Fennel was going strong with Kaepernick right up until his team started working their way through the playoffs. Right around that time, this girl supposedly got the boot.

Rather than sit back and let things slide, she took to Twitter to sound off about getting jilted.

Here are some of the things she said:

“Oh your chick is coming to town? Lol I can’t deal..done being the good guy…You want groupies rather than a true honest person hmmm interesting…So irritated and upset going to have to cancel my surprise plans for 2 to Ruth’s Chris in the city to celebrate a belated bday ugh”

“Loyalty love and trust are almost completely dead smh I hate it there’s only a few of us who still know how smh :(”

“All I wana do is move to Vegalow…s and rage out every other weekend and wife a stripper chick and make her call me daddy! Is that 2much to ask?!”

That’s actually a little sad. It’s worth mentioning that it’s been hard to confirm if they were ever an official item, but the pictures and tweets that have surfaced online sure make it seem that way.

Most sites have picked up the story as the Superbowl approaches. Usually the networks and the sportscasters begin digging for some kind of sensational back story. It can be the drama behind one of the player’s lives, or even the rough upbringing they struggled through. Then of course there are the ladies in their lives. This is exactly the case for Colin.

The real question is why is this such a big deal? Who cares if he dumped a girl who then went and complained on Twitter? I guess the story is popular because people are going crazy trying to find pictures of her, and nobody likes seeing an everyday woman dissed by a star.

Other than that the only thing people seem to know about Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend of yore is that she is a Business Marketing student. We’ll have to see if she pops back up in the news for Sunday’s big game. Until then, check out some Corban Fennel photos below.

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