Rectify’ was recently screened at the Sundance Film Festival in anticipation of its release on the Sundance Channel next April, and it looks promising from reports of those in attendance.

Rectify is created by Ray McKinnon (‘Sons of Anarchy’) and it’s the first original series brought by the Sundance Channel. It stars Sean Bridges (‘Sweet Home Alabama’), Adelaide Clemmens (‘Parade’s End’), Abigail Corrigan (‘Homeland’) and J.D. Evermore (‘Django Unchained’) among others.

Photo: 'Rectify' 
(credit Sundance Channel)
Photo: ‘Rectify’
(credit Sundance Channel)

The series examines the story of a man, Daniel Holden played by Aden Young (‘Killer Elite’) who is set free after spending 19 years in Georgia’s death row for a rape/murder charge. DNA testing puts into question his guilt in his high school sweetheart’s murder.

He then returns home, a free man, but must face the scrutiny of people who still believe he is guilty while he also adjusts to family life after the long absence.

During the screening at Sundance Film Festival the first two episodes were shown and the audience was left wondering if he actually did it or not. The show is presented in such a way that the truth is not apparent. The question of whether he is guilty or not is present during these first episodes and consequently, if he’s not guilty then, who was the killer.

The series doesn’t focus on the legal aspects of the case, but instead focuses on Daniel’s difficulties adjusting to life outside prison and also on the horrible experience of being behind bars, made clear to the audience in his frequent flashback scenes.

McKinnon got the idea for the series a few years ago while watching news reports on inmates being released based on DNA evidence. He decided to study these cases and add the family life aspects of it in his series.

‘Rectify’ is set to premiere on April 22 at 10 pm ET on Sundance Channel.

Sarah Barnett of the Sundance Channel and director Ray McKinnon talk to The Hollywood Reporter in this interview: