Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco’s wife, Dana Flacco, will be there Sunday to watch her hunky husband play in the big game. Although it will be his first time playing in a Super Bowl, the former Dana Grady has been a staple at all of her husbands games since the beginning of his career.

Dana Flacco

Dana Flacco and Joe met at Aubudon High School, in Aubudon, New Jersey. Back then she went by the name Dana Grady but even then he was the oh so sought after quarterback. They started out as friends but it wasn’t long before the blonde beauty became his one and only. Who knew when they started dating as seniors, that one day she would be watching him do his thing from the wives section at the biggest football game of the year.

So what is it about the petite blonde beauty that captured Joe’s heart? Well that my friends is between them and that is the way they like it. Both of them are known in the Baltimore area but for the most part they keep a low profile and live a very private life. Whether they like it or not though both of them are in the spotlight, at least for this weekend and if the Ravens win even longer.

In terms of a biography here is the info we know about Dana. She is 27-years old and has two sisters, Lisa who is two years older and Sara who is five years younger. Dana spent years working as a X-Ray technician. Last June the blonde beauty with her girl next door looks and Joe became first time parents. Yep the couple, who tied the knot in June of 2011 after nine years of dating, welcomed son Stephen Vincent Flacco eight days before their one year wedding anniversary. You can see some pretty cool photos from their wedding right here. There may not be much we know about Dana but one thing is for sure, she is probably one tired lady having a six month old at home.

Dana Flacco met her husband when he was playing high-school football. She has watched him play the sport he loves for over 10 years and this weekend she will cheer him on from the sidelines as he and his team attempt to win the Super Bowl. You probably won’t recognize her if the camera happens to pan to her, which I am sure it will and that is because she keeps a very low profile despite being married to one of the hottest football players out there. The love story of Joe and Dana is so sweet. I love it when couples who met so young have gone the distance. They kind of remind me of the All American couple, so to speak. That is what I think so what are your thoughts on Joe Flacco’s wife?