Is Freya Clutton Harper Beckham’s double? Well it sure looks like it. She is being called the youngest celebrity look-a-like in the world because of her uncanny resemblance of David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter. Take a look at some photos and judge for yourself.

Freya Clutton Photo
Harper (at left) and Freya (at right)

First off, let’ s just all agree that many toddlers look a like. No? I mean, their facial features are all scrunched up until they officially become little kids, so it’s hard to really say that one looks like another.

But siblings often look very similar, so we can run with it…

Freya hails out of Ipswich, Suffolk, England apparently even looks at magazine covers and says “Harper… me.” She even landed a contract with an agency who has hired her to make appearances as Harper’s look a like.

I think if you asked the average American, they probably wouldn’t even know the Beckham’s had children, let alone tell you what they look like. But these people are practically English Royalty across the pond, and their adorable little girl is part of the fam!

Freya’s mother (who by the way is kind of scary looking) swears that people stop her in the streets to tell her just how much the two look alike:

“It is really exciting, for a few months now people have started saying how much she looks like little Harper Beckham.”

This lady admits they have different eye color, but other than that she is convinced that her daughter is spot on:

“People would often stop and say they had seen a picture of the Beckhams in OK Magazine and that they thought she looked like little Harper….Mums at her nursery school kept mentioning it and now she is signed up as a look-a-like…They have very similar coloured hair and its a little bit curly at the back which is the same.”

Mom also says her sons have what it takes to be models, and was even stopped by an agent who asked her about her boys.

I don’t know where they get it from, but after all of this, I will say Freya Clutten does look like Harper Beckham. What do you think?