Well, he isn’t quite like Jason, but reports are now claiming that the Warren Lichtenstein, Bethenny Frankel boyfriend story is legit. The billionaire supposedly just welcomed Bethenny and her daughter into his home. Now that’s taking things quickly.

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To start, I am still completely heart-broken over the break-up and coming divorce of the former Real Housewife and her fellow reality TV star hubby. I mean, sure they weren’t perfect, but for some reason they seemed like a believable couple people could relate to.

Now that they are old news, some say Bethenny is moving quickly on this rich dude. I guess selling her Skinny Girl company put her in the right social position to even consort with guys like him.

As of now, they are apparently cozying up at his Aspen, CO vacation home. Oh, yeah, and it’s a ridiculously huge mansion. When they leave Colorado, they will presumably go back to NYC where Bethenny and daughter Bryn will snuggle up at his epic apartment.

A source close to Frankel’s said:

“Bethenny will be staying with Warren this weekend at his vacation home in Aspen, Colorado. The two are just friends at this point”

Just friends, right.

Word has it that this whole thing started when Lichtenstein invited Bethenny and Jason to Hong Kong back in October. It turns out that she went, but left Jason back home, which really ruffled his feathers. Could it be that there was a hook-up there? Who knows.

That wasn’t their only rendezvous. Sometime after Christmas, Bethenny was also in Aspen, and was also sans Jason. It was confirmed that Warren was there, but that she didn’t stay at his mansion on that occasion.

We’ll have to see if this plays a role in their divorce, but it’s doubtful. So far, there are no allegations that Bethenny spent any romantic time with Warren while still married to Jason. People are speculating that she might have had him on her radar while things began to fall apart, but that she remained faithful.

Either way, it does seem awfully quick for her to already be living with another person. Who knows, it could just be a nice way of giving her a place to live while the divorce winds its way through the system. But her fans seem to have other ideas.

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