Roxanne Gorzela wants a piece of Mark Salling, and maybe not the kind you’re thinking. She is actually suing the Glee star over a tryst gone wrong between the two of them. She claims the incident left he with concerns over STDs and even some bruises on her legs.

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It all began when she was hooking up with the star of the popular TV show. They got into it to the point that they were about to sleep together. When Salling was about to “land the deal,” Roxanne says she requested that he wear a condom.

The lawsuit alleges that he simply went ahead and handled his business without one. She says that she complained and asked him to stop, but it only worked temporarily. The suit claims that he went right ahead and continued afterwards.

Here is the exact language in the suit about what he did after she alleged told him to stop: “(he proceeded to) insert his penis into [her] vagina without a condom.”

Here’s where the “oh my gosh a celeb might have given me an STD” moment begins.

Roxanne says she actually went to Salling’s house a month later and caught him bumping nasties with another chick! She started freaking out about having an STD and tried to convince him to get tested. It didn’t work, because according to Gorzela he actually grabbed her and thew her to the ground.

A police report was filed and there is a photo showing what looks like a young woman’s legs with some minor bruising.

Okay, so here is what’s interesting. It is always questionable when someone files a lawsuit with claims against someone that are criminal, but they don’t file a criminal complaint about them. If what she claims is actually true, she could certainly file a police report with officials wherever this allegedly happened.

We do have a police report filed about the accusations that she was thrown to the ground. And you can see the photos here. Something stinks about this whole thing.

Either way, we will have to see if a judge even lets this one be heard. It’s pretty absurd. If it’s true, he should do more than fork over money, he should fork over his freedom as well. Don’t you think?

Until this thing hits court, we will be left wondering if all we have is a money grubbing woman, or the true victim of a celeb crime.

Have you been able to track down any Roxanne Gorzela photos? Please leave us a comment. We’re curious too!