Okay this is confusing. Alexandra del Pilar photos are a major item online because she is — get this — the real life version of Manti Te’o’s girlfriend! Yes, at some point he actually dated a woman who existed and wasn’t fabricated by some creepy catfish

Alexandra del Pilar 1

Photo: Twitter

By now you must know the story. A player for Notre Dame (who just competed in national championship) was somehow conned into believing he had an online girlfriend named Lennay. The strangest part is that he actually believed she was dying of cancer and used it as inspiration during several football games.

Even worse, fans began to wear Hawaiian Lei’s in support of how Manti “girlfriend” supposedly died of cancer. That is a whole other story.

For now, let’s talk about Alexandra del Pilar, who actually does exist…we think. I’ve tracked down her twitter account, which you can visit. She goes by the name of @ADP_3. I’ve included some pics of her below.

So TMZ reports that right around the time that the fake girlfriend “died,” Manti “rebounded” with this Alexandra girl. There are photos of them posing with Santa Claus, and even a tweet involving a few Lei’s that Manti gave her. It makes me wonder if those were in remembrance of the fake girlfriend also.

Some have speculated that the whole reason he made a fake girlfriend was because he felt pressured by teammates to be dating someone. But if he was actually dating this girl that would be unnecessary.

It’s hard to tell if they are really together now. Most of the people involved in this confusing ordeal have either disappeared or are in hiding. The last Tweet send by Pilar reads: “Let people be people, and God be God.”

I’m guessing that could be a reference to all of the madness but who knows.

Meanwhile Manti is still looking good in the NFL’s eyes. Most people are saying he will still be a first round draft pick. On the other side of the coin, Notre Dame, who finally got their football team together this past season, doesn’t seem too happy.

Check out some Alexandra del Pilar photos below. Do you think this is his real girlfriend?

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