Have you heard about Aimi Jones, who listed a yellow dress on ebay – only she was naked in the shot? She was wearing only a black bra and forgot her pants when snapping the photo!

Aimi Jones’ ebay listing.

Photo: Ebay

I don’t know about you, but when I am listing ebay items, especially dresses, I always get the urge to shoot it naked and upload it right away. Not. I have no idea why this chick was half naked when snapping the photo, nor why she didn’t see her reflection in the mirror when looking at the picture, or in the final upload. But Aimi, who lists under sugart*t-2, sure did get some attention for it.

The beautiful 21 year old hung the mustard yellow skater dress by ASOS on the door and snapped the picture. the yellow dress ebay bid has gone viral with people making parodies and the bids going up by the minute. What was once a cheap dress turned into a very profitable deal for the young woman. Despite the dress being taken down, and reposted with Aimi wearing a short black Nike sweater, the picture has gone viral, trending on twitter with the hash tag #ebayyellowskaterdress.

Ami says she is embarrassed and feels it was a ditzy move,

I put it on eBay last Saturday morning and realized straight away so ended the sale. But what I didn’t realize was that people could still it on the site. I reported it to eBay and they took it down, but by then it had gone viral. My boyfriend Andy thinks the whole thing is hilarious.

Despite the new listing being much more tame, her little yellow dress which was originally listed at $25, has attracted bids of $246,657 so far.

The new listing read: ‘Asos yellow skater dress size 10, 2nd time round!! a MUST HAVE!!

As seen by thousands. Never worn naked. Needs a good home.

It has also caused a viral hoax campaign for the dress – including one with James McAvoy in his role as Mr. Tumnus in the first Chronicles of Narnia film modelling the yellow dress. Another hoax ad has a reflection of a slightly bigger seller, but it didn’t manage to attract any bids.

What a silly profitable mistake for Aimi Jones and her Asos yellow skater dress!

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