She was an aspiring young model whose career was beginning to go places when the unthinkable happened. Jill Mourning (photos below with video, aka Jillian Mourning) is the Charlotte, North Carolina woman whose modeling manager forced her into having sex with other men and filmed the acts on sex tapes that were posted on the internet.

Photo: Jillian Mourning

That was six years ago in 2007 when she was just 19 years old. Jillian had placed an advertisement on the Model Mayhem site where many models try to self-start their careers. The site puts aspiring models in touch with photographers and agents, and has successfully launched the careers of more than a few beautiful women like Jill.

There is also a seedy element to the site, where model portfolios sometimes contain pictures of nude women with coded profile introductions that appear to be offering prostitution services, a practice that runs against the website’s terms of use. This was not the case with Ms. Mourning who legitimately advertised herself as a model. Her Model Mayhem page was noticed by someone representing himself as an agent, who quickly befriended her and began booking legitimate modeling opportunities for Jill not just in North Carolina but around the country.

During one of the trips when they were traveling together, her agent came into Jill’s hotel room uninvited with two other men. They forced sex on her and filmed the acts which were then uploaded as rape fantasy sex videos on the internet. She naive brunette beauty was told this was part of the modeling world, and she says that she was blackmailed by the videos visible public nature to remain quiet about them. The pattern began repeating itself in other cities around the United States. You can see more here.

Biography: Jillian Mourning is now 25 years old living in Charlotte, North Carlina. She still has looks to kill, with a stunning smile and gorgeous hair, although she is far wiser beyond her years now about what can happen to young women who try to enter this profession. She is originally an Ohio native but graduated from East Lincoln High School in Denver, North Carolina, where she was one of the most popular girls in her graduating class. After high school she went on to college at the University of North Carolina where she graduated in 2010 with degrees in both International Studies and German. Read more about her biography on her Linkedin page here.

Jill is now an advocate for victims of sex trafficking so she is turning her own misfortune as a victim into help for others in similar situations. She started her own company for this work called All We Want Is Love which you can find on here. Good for her! Many people do not understand these crimes do occur in the U.S., and in fact Charlotte is known as a hotbed of sex trafficking according to the groups who fight against it.

Jill Mourning is still a model and aspiring actress as well who positively does not do nude pictures so don’t look for them! But you can see her as a Maxim girl at party in the video below, and note that she was a semi-finalist as a Maxim hometown hottie in 2009. She is registered with the reputable Wilhelmina Models agency and Mega Models in Miami, Florida. You can peruse her modeling portfolio page here. Jill is absolutely stunning, with petite measurements of 32-24-34 fitting into a size 0 dress! She stands 5’8″ tall and weighs, well, practically nothing.

You can find Jillian’s Facebook page over here which contains pictures of Jill and more biographical information about her life story, including the fact that she loves horses! Her Twitter page is located right here.

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Video: Jillian Mourning

Photo credits: Jill Mourning/Facebook/Twitter