The 2013 Miss America winner is crowned at last. Mallory Hagan (photos below) is the new Miss America, upgrading her title from lowly Miss New York by winning the big event in Sin City on January 12th, 2013. Congratulations to her for the big victory. See her pictures and video below.

Photo: Mallory Hagan

Gallery below.

Miss New York easily beat the first runner up and second runner up. They were Ali Rogers, Miss South Carolina, and the equally gorgeous Alicia Clifton, Miss Oklahoma. By winning the Miss America pageant, Mallory was awarded a scholarship to college for $50,000, which in the grand scheme of things is not a ton of money for pulling off the near impossible. But what she will win far more is publicity which will help launch her modeling career and product endorsement deals which always go with the Miss America winner.

Biography: Mallory Hytes Hagan is originally from Opelika, Alabama, but now makes her home in Brooklyn, New York. She moved there after graduating from Opelika High School to attend college and feel in love with the Big Apple. Miss New York is 24 years old today, which is kind of refreshing because she is a tad older than more women are when they win the competition. Let’s here one for mature women!

The new Miss America’s measurements are unknown but we do know from her modeling page that she stands a statuesque 5’7″ tall with naturally blond hair and penetrating deep blue eyes. Her weight is also unknown but we feel a lady is entitled to her secrets. We have looked for one thing which you will never find because they do not exist. There are positively no nude photos!

Mallory Hagan is no newcomer to pageant competitions. She has participated in eight statewide pageants in her state and placed in the top five on six of those occasions. Clearly the New York Knicks or Yankees could use her kind of consistency! Her mother says that she was born to be a beauty queen, dreaming of Ms. Hagan becoming Miss American while she was pregnant with Mallory. There was no knowing at the time if mom was entirely hormonal or on to some serious fortune telling, but now we know. You can ask her for those lotto numbers if you need a lucky break.

You could visit Mallory’s Facebook page earlier today but she has taken it offline temporarily. But you can follow her on Twitter right over there which is sort of an official page while the really good stuff must be well hidden here. Our guess is that she will have tons new followers and friends real soon whether she wants them or not! Such are the rewards and drag of fame.

Mallary’s passionate cause is in support of the victims of child abuse, and for that we cannot imagine a more worthy carrier of that bold torch. She is expected to be heavily involved in the Children’s Miracle Network over the next year and beyond, which is one of the charitable organizations which supports this cause. She has also taken a strong stand for gun control saying that it is a pro-life position. See her recent tweets on the topic.

Below are more pictures of Mallory Hagan and her big moment on video when she won the pageant. I am sure that you will join us in congratulating our new Miss America 2013. She has worked hard at it and none can be no more deserving. You go girl!

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