Occasionally we hear stories that make our antenna go up at Right Entertainment. Wanda Arena (photos below) is the bombshell bikini model from New York who is accusing her doctor of harassment in a lawsuit that will soon get everyone’s attention in the country.

Photo: Wanda Arena

We all know the stories of office workers in hospitals harassed by the doctors working off stress. It makes for great TV, which is why ER was such a hit. Never a collection of perverted docs has ever been brought together in one cast!

But this is real life and this is a patient, not a naughty nurse. And it isn’t any patient. Wanda is a 911 widow who lost her husband in the attacks on the world trade center. She had two young children at the time and deserved some peace to get her family back on their collective feet.

Dr. Mark Sherman is the subject of her wrath, a respected surgeon who she went to for surgery on her knee a few years ago. She says in the court filing that he subsequently began pestering her with emails and phone calls, including the straw that broke the camel’s back. A nude picture of his private parts was allegedly emailed which caused her to finally reach her breaking point, she says. You can read more here.

Biography: Wanda Arena is a Staten Island, New York resident and a bikini model who still looks great at her age. She is 42 years old with a fit and trim body and a warm face that perhaps betrays years of grieving over the firefighting husband, Louis Arena, she lost on that fateful day, September 11th 2011.

We all remember what we are doing on that day, but she remembers more than anyone because her world came crashing down that day. She is a proud member of the New York “bombshell bikini team which you can learn more about by studying her Facebook page located here including the fact that she is in a committed relationship (sorry readers). We cannot locate her Twitter page.

Ms. Arena says that the harassment began in 2009 and continued for three years until 2012. Enough is enough, and who would disagree. If the allegations are true we can expect a lengthy court battle with this doctor and perhaps a hefty settlement. Nobody likes it when our widows are taken advantage of by those more powerful than them.

Reader thoughts are welcome about Wanda. We have reached out to her for an interview and would like to hear from her and those who know her best. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures of Wanda Arena below. She is absolutely stunning.

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Photo credits: Wanda Arena / Facebook / Twitter