Jenelle Evans nude photos have hit the net and she is now left red faced and embarrassed. Made “famous” on MTV’s Teen Mom 2, she has made huge mistakes in life under a very public microscope. This now includes taking skanky photos.

Jenelle Evans naked pictures have been leaked via Twitter. Photo credit: Twitter

Jenelle Rogers (she just got married) is by far my least favorite Teen Mom. I understand that she has some issues and mental health issues, but there has to be a point where you buck the f*ck up and put your big girl panties on. Jace is turning three and it seems like in every episode of Teen Mom 2 she is walking out on him, slamming the door, leaving a heartbroken little boy crying. It literally tears me up inside.

Ever wonder where they heck she has to go that could be possibly be more important than being with her child? Me too. Well, apparently one of the places was to take nude pictures! She was all over the place and it seems like the main priority in her life is men. Even her social media profiles are that of her with her husband, Courtland. Where is Jace? Makes me sick.

Anyways, this girl is a hot mess. We have seen her all out brawls with her mother, who is kind enough to take care of Jace – raising him pretty much on her own. Watched Jenelle brawl with her friends, Kiefer, move in and out of her home, battle a drug addiction, go to jail and rehab. Sadly, it seems there is no end in sight.

As of late, she has been in a massive Twitter war with her ex-boss James Duffy, who she supposedly had some kind of relationship with. He has been tweeting these NSFW pics and some pretty nasty messages.

“Jenelle, I didn’t have to pay you for sex, you did that free for daddy.”

Jenelle responded indirectly, “no it’s getting kinda old … I mean that’s all the ammo he’s got?!”

“It’s hurts my loved ones… That’s what hurts.”

He kept on with the jabs though…

“Look at her go!”
“Such a perfect example of a mom!”
“Thats your wife…so classy!!!”
“You should be so proud courtland.”
“Hows it feel to know youre getting duffy & kieffers leftovers?”

As much as I don’t care for Jenelle, this guy is a prick, hoping for his 15 minutes. Except no one cares about him, they are just looking for the pics of Jenelle.

The whole thing is sad. Meanwhile, her other “Teen Mom” friends are off getting married, going to school, and most importantly doing a damn good job (especially for their age) raising their children.

I hope she pulls it together. She says she is changed, but she has said that before. People can change. I pray for Jace, she does.

You can check out more pics below, including her new boob job. Wowzer. See the full set of Jenelle Evan’s nude photos here, but be warned they are NSFW.

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