It appears that NBA trash talking knows no limits, something that kids on the playground engage in each day as they decide if they are going to become thugs in life or responsible men. Brandi Padilla (photos below) is the wife of the Boston Celtic’s superstar center. Brandi Garnett as she is now known might be none too proud today as Kevin Garnett’s wife, a man who may have some explaining to do to his sponsors and advertisers today if reports are true.

Photo: Brandi Garnett

We call your attention to assertions that her 7′ tall basketball hubby trash talked a fellow superstar named Carmelo Anthony, or more specifically trash talked his wife. The consummate professional, Garnett allegedly told Carmelo (on the floor no less) that his wife (the gorgeous La La Vazquez) tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios, apparently a reference to the decadent things he might have done in the bedroom with her. You can read the allegation in more detail here.

Boys will be boys. We all know that already. But when men talk about the wives of other men, our attention always turns to one thing only. What if the shoe were on the other foot? Who is Brandi Padilla and why did she marry this fella?

Biography: Brandi Padilla-Garnett has been married to her hoops baller since 2004. They have one little girl between them who will be five years old this year. A fun little fact is that her sister is married to record media mogul Jimmy Jam. She is reportedly pregnant again, and this site says that his mistress is too, a woman by the name of Krissy Freilberg they say.

She is listed #6 on Hoopsvibe’s vaunted list of 25 hottest NBA wags of 2010 in an article you can read here, and who can deny her such a lofty position? She takes a great pic and looks really good next to him, although he towers over her by a foot. Size differential can be important on a dance floor as we all learned in high school, but you may be less knowledgeable that it can be equally distracting in bed. A gargantuan like Kevin requires a contortionist in the sack, something that would undoubtedly make Carmelo envious.

She is also listed as #17 on the list of WAGs who has likely been cheated on by the sports site Bleacher Report in an article you can read here. We only bring your attention to this tidbit because of his bragging on the basketball floor. Sometimes everything makes sense.

We have thus far not found the Facebook page of Brandi Garnett, something that would inform our readers about her biographical data and perhaps more. He may be one of those sports celebrities who keeps her under lock and key, and that is all well and good which may be to protect his family life.

Curious as to reader thoughts. Brandi Garnett is clearly hot, but what we all want to know is does Kevin Garnett’s wife pass the Honey Nut Cheerios test. Who would you rather, Brandi Padilla or La La Vazquez?

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