We all knew the Miss Alabama quarterback’s girlfriend was one hot tomato when the camera panned to her in the stands during the BCS title game. Katherine Webb (photos below) is AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, and she has a dirty old man fan by the name of Brent Musburger as you can plainly see in the video.

Photo: Katherine Webb

Gallery below.

The ESPN analyst was in the middle of calling the Alabama rout over Notre Dame when the camera turned to Miss Webb after another touchdown throw by AJ. The picture was perfect, but the audio by Brent left the entire planet uncomfortable. Watch the video below.

Here was a 73-year old milk-toast dude talking like a high school kid about the girl he just scored after the football game. When grandpa does stuff like that, we all want to go outside and throw up.

Quoth he to a national television audience, “You quarterbacks, you get all the good looking women. What a beautiful woman. Whoa! If you’re a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard with pop.” Yeah all true and obvious, but when grandpa says it during dinner we want to shield grandma from him

Biography: Katherine Webb is the current Miss Alabama who is a graduate of Auburn University two years ago in 2011 with a degree in business. That makes her older and smarter than her studly boyfriend, but no doubt he will be the one raking in the money soon. After all AJ has won two consecutive national championships and will be the most sought after quarterback entering the draft in a decade.

Miss Alabama stands 5’7″ tall with measurements of 34-25-36. Her weight is listed at 130 pounds with gorgeous blue-green eyes and naturally brown hair. This gorgeous woman has a brilliant future in modeling with or without an athlete at her arm. You can find her modeling profile here.

You can find Katherine’s Twitter page right here which already has almost 100,000 followers. She has not tweeted since the big win yet because undoubtedly she is partying an all nighter with her heroic boyfriend. Either that or Brent you-know-who scored. Some women do like older sugar daddies, but please, enough of that thought.

We are unable to locate her Facebook page because it is probably under deep cover. Speaking of which, I have no idea how He ever gets out of bed to throw touchdowns. A lot of athletes have superstitions about hanky panky before games. Wonder what their ritual is, don’t you?

More pictures of AJ McCarron’s girlfriend are below in the image gallery. Enjoy Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb!

Update: A star is born! Miss Alabama has now appeared on the Today Show as the flood of publicity and interest in her life continues. Her Twitter followers have soared by 200,000 in just two days! On the record, ESPN has apologized on behalf of the naughty announcer, but she thinks his words were entirely flattering rather than inappropriate. We’ll let the readers judge. Trust me, we have not heard the last of Katherine Webb.

Update 2: Miss Alabama’s father, Alan Webb, has told the press that his daughter was an ugly duckling in school who was teased mercilessly by other kids over her looks including a rare skin condition. We’ve added another picture which shows Katherine Webb’s humanitarian mission to India.

Update 3: We’ll all be watching Katherine Webb at the Super Bowl! The brunette beauty was signed to do commentary, which I think means look good, for Inside Edition at the big game. AJ McCarron’s girlfriend is also ready to get married in a story you can read here. That will break a lot of men’s hearts. And meanwhile a full fledged Twitter war has broken out between Miss Alabama’s boyfriend and Darnell Dockett, a professional player with the Arizona Cardinals football team.

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