Trina Edwards is the former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards wife and soon viewers will get an inside look at her life. That is right she is going form politics to the world of reality TV thanks to A&E.

It really is true that just about anyone can get a reality TV show these days and that is not a dig at Trina but simply a fact. In February A&E Networks will launch “The Governor’s Wife” which will follow the 34-year old as she attempts to fit into the socialite and political life of her 85-year old husband. The show will feature her two teenage sons from a previous marriage, as well as two of his daughters that are in their 60’s. Seriously this kind of story is made for reality TV and I have to say I think it is going to be awesome. I can picture the drama now. Plus the new show will reportedly document the couple’s attempt to have a baby, ponder all that for a moment.

If you haven’t heard the story of how Trina and Edwin met it is quite interesting. Their relationship began simply as pen pals while he was in prison for racketeering. Yes you read it correctly they fell in love via letters and visitor days. In 2011,one month after he was released from prison, the couple tied the knot. The below video talks about their love affair.. Not long after they got hitched came the news that they were trying for a baby and that they were shopping around a reality TV show. Looks like one of them is a done deal.

Other than that she is going to be on TV and married a man three times her age what do we know about the woman who goes by Trina Scott Edwards? Well as I said above she has two sons Logan, 15 and Trevor, 13 from her first marriage. She is all about social media having a Facebook page for herself as well as one for her and her husband. However don’t think you will go there and be bale to find out all sorts of deats about her. Nope she is ironically all about privacy, at least on her FB pages, because you can’t see anything unless you are her friend.

If you really want to learn more about what kind of person Louisiana Governor Edwin Edward’s wife is then be sure to tune into A&E in February to watch Trina Edwards and her family make their reality TV debut. I personally am very intrigued by these two and will be tuning in for sure. I mean he is 50-years older than her, they met via writing letters and he claims he had nothing at all to offer her when the got together, meaning it was just true love. Personally I am a little skeptical of that but before I start calling her the new Anna Nicole Smith I will check out the show.

What are your thoughts on the Edwards’ marriage and reality TV show?