Yet another teacher has been arrested after being accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student. The next part is utterly shocking: the allegations include a young female teacher and a teenaged boy. This is all too familiar. Curious about what the accused looks like? Check out some Kinsley Wentzky photos below.

This time around it happened in South Carolina at Dreher High School. The 34-year-old English teacher is not only married, but has two children. There are a bunch of pictures of her floating around online posing with the baseball team and generally just looking happy as can be.

Wentzky had worked at the school for seven years until being paid on administrative leave following her arrest. The charge is sexual battery and it stems from encounters that were reportedly completely admitted to by the teacher and student. It’s not clear whether the student was in one of her classes, but it’s been reported that he attended Dreher High School.

It wasn’t just a one time thing. Both the alleged victim and Wentzky have admitted in sworn statements to having sexual encounters on more than one occasion.

On top of everything, another police agency has reported that she is being investigated for something else completely unrelated to the 17-year-old’s case, although exactly what that might be is unknown at this point. As of press time, the teacher is out of $5,000 bail. I’m guessing she will be facing pre-trial and a few other unpleasant experiences in the coming months.

I’ve seen way too many of these cases end up in reduced charges. Sometimes these women only end up on probation and are required to register as sex offenders. It seems rare that they do any real jail time, but we’ll see what happens here. Also remember that she is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or cops a plea.

See some Kinsley Wentzky photos below. Do you think she’s guilty?