Jack The Ripper is one of the most infamous criminals of all time, I don’t imagine many people can avoid getting a shiver down their spine when his name is uttered.

The BBC brings us a new crime drama based on events that took place in 1889 following the gruesome crimes. ‘Ripper Street’ starring Matthew Macfadyen (‘Pride and Prejudice’), Jerome Flynn (‘Game of Thrones’) and Adam Rothenberg (‘Elementary’). Initially the series will cover 8 episodes, there have been rumors about it being recommissioned for a second season.

“The whole idea for us setting out on this journey was to really discard Jack the Ripper at least in terms of wondering who he was or trying to catch him,” creator Richard Warlow said at the TCA winter press tour this past Saturday in Pasadena, CA.

The series focus is on the aftermath of the crimes and how, not unlike today, people were scared out of their minds. The press, of course, takes advantage of the situation to sell newspaper copies and makes the community even more afraid.

As far as the investigative tools that the police had to work with during those days, great advances were being made, like fingerprinting, which would follow soon after, but could not be used to try and find The Ripper.

The intent of the producers is to show how, even though, the police of H-Division were frustrated at their inability to find the culprit in the hideous murders, they still needed to focus on the work at hand, mainly crimes that were being committed daily.

Each episode will focus on one of these crimes, Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew MacFayden) and Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) together with American captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) work together to solve the murders, in spite of them not being able to identify The Ripper.

Some of the cast has admitted to having nightmares due to the realism used to create the series. Matthew Macfadyen said in an interview that he didn’t have nightmares, but one of the torsos they worked with looked so real that they all expected it to suddenly start breathing.

Matthew Macfadyen

The filming of Ripper Street took place entirely on location in Dublin Ireland and premieres it first episode in the US, ‘I Need Light’, on January 19 only on BBC America.