She is blonde and fit with a sweet smile that melts men and a heart of pure gold. Shae Bradley (photos below) is the latest reality TV star to catapult into America’s living rooms with her new hit show, Buckwild on MTV.

Photo: Shae Bradley

The show is the latest reality television show to take off to the stratosphere. It is set in the mountains of West Virginia where Shae and her pals do what girls do in West Virginia, which is have a great time partying (with beer of course), running around the woods in bikinis, bungi jumping into local swimming holes at the crick, and shooting rifles.

Biography: Shae Bradley is a nursing student who has already developed an expertise in giving bed baths to bedridden patients. I make this observation because the promotional video for the new series show her giving a tongue bath to some dude on camera. Now that is hot!

You can find Shae’s Facebook page right over here which has some gorgeous photos of our new favorite forest girl along with pictures of the cast of Buckworld, including her hunky co-star Shain Gandee. She is particularly proud of her appearances on the Jimmy Fallon show and Today Shows, which have certainly done a lot to boost ratings lately. You go girl!

And she is a prolific user of the Twitter social networking site where you can follow her right here. Did I say prolific? How about fully 50 tweets and retweets in the last 24 hours, and over 5,000 tweets since she opened her account. Goodness this fine woman has a lot to say! And do not miss the pic over there of lighting one of her farts. Just an observation that caught my eye but we dare not display it here.

Now watch the video from her Buckwild show below after blowing up the cool pictures of Shae Bradley including the now famous bikini swimsuit pic that shall not be missed. The epic scene of her licking a guy from chest to naval is around the 1:20 mark. Happy viewing!

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