She is fit and trim with a body any man would like to call wife. Rachael Blosil (photos below) is the gorgeous Mrs. Gabriel Krueger, by virtue of a Christmas Day wedding that is only coming to light today. Marie Osmond’s daughter is indeed married and now ready to start an enormous Mormon family. But don’t call her Rachael Osmond. Dad would get upset.

Photo: Rachael Blosil (now Rachael Krueger) is second from left

Despite the rumors there is no evidence at all that Rachael is pregnant. This appears to be one of those weddings that was well-planned and born of love rather than necessity. Our congratulations go to the happy couple, but really, we are ready for the family planning to begin in earnest. The family needs more entertainers as my mom keeps missing the Donny and Marie show. Go figure.

Biography: Rachael Lauren Osmond-Blosil is a costume designer who has worked on her famous mom and uncle’s occasional television specials. In fact, she met Gabriel Krueger while on location in Chicago, Illinois, as Marie was beginning to tape a holiday extravaganza. She was outfitting their wardrobes for the show.

Rachael was born August 19th, 1989, so she will celebrate her 24th birthday later this year. Her lucky husband, by the way, is a year younger than she so hopefully he will be heeding her more mature, worldly suggestion both in the kitchen and in the sack.

She is one of the two biological children of Marie’s marriage to Brian Blosil. The other is son Matthew who was born fully ten years after Rachael. She has five more adopted siblings who were all born between 1987 and 2002. Mom and dad have kept them all mostly out of the limelight. You won’t find their Facebook or Twitter pages easily, and photos of Marie Osmond’s daughter Rachael are very hard to come by.

You can read more about their special day including the romantic setting in which he actually proposed to her here. Now that Rachael Blosil is Rachael Krueger, a happier couple can surely not be found.

Our readers may not know that Rachael can carry a tune herself. You can see her singing with mom and brother in the YouTube video below. Enjoy!

Update: Well now we know why the rush to wed! A U.S. tabloid magazine is reporting that friends of Rachael Krueger are talking! They say she is not yet pregnant but wanted to have sex very badly with her boyfriend, something that is not allowed in her Mormon faith prior to marriage. Gabriel must be totally hot! You can read more about what they are (incorrectly) calling a sex scandal here.

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