She has referred to herself as the happiest girl in all the land, and for good reason because she is bedding one of the hunkiest men in all the land. Nicole Marie Pedra (photos below) is the model from Boston, Massachusetts who happens to be Alexander Ludwig’s girlfriend.

Photo: Nicole Marie Pedra

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The couple were recently photographed getting super cozy on their recent Hawaiian vacation after New Year’s Day. Pictures of Alexander bare-chested, swaggering his way along the beach and frolicking in the ocean practically naked with his hot girlfriend prompted wonder at his physique and one simple question. Who is this lucky girl?

Biography: Nicole Pedra is a model with Maggie Incorporated in the Boston area and is an account representative for Isola Shoes, a high-end fashion line which carries Sofft shoes. She has worked there for the past two and a half years, after earlier jobs selling shoes at Nordstrom’s. This woman does know her shoes! Read her Linkedin profile here.

Ms. Pedra graduated from Concord-Carlisle High School, which is located in Concord, Massachusetts, and then went on to attend college at Syracuse University from 2006-2010. She graduated there right on schedule with a bachelor’s degree in public health. Nicole’s birthday is January 5th, so she will soon celebrate her special day in the arms of the man of her dreams. How old is she? We think 24 years old by putting two and twenty-two together.

I love her fashion taste. You can see in the pictures she is partial to bold, bright colors with girly pokadots and checkered patterns which give her a fun and free-spirited look.

You can find Nicole’s Twitter page right over here which contains a ton of fun pics. Many of them have cute captions which show how in love she is with her hunky boyfriend. Next you can visit her Facebook page over here.

Nicole Marie Pedra has been seeing her boyfriend for the better part of the year and both she and he have documented their relationship in social media for their fans. I never trust a celebrity who will not mention or post a picture of his girlfriend on Facebook or Twitter. It makes me think they are waiting for greener pastures.

But in the case of Alexander, he is obviously all in for Nicole Pedra and she is completely smitten with love. Except for the girl who made the bitter video below, we can all say good luck to this happy Hollywood couple. Who agrees with me that wedding bells may soon be in the air?

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