Robert who? There is a new Best Dressed Man in town and that, ladies and gentlemen, is Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens, who has caused much controversy of late due to his departure from the series unexpectedly.

Dan has been a fixture of the popular period drama, playing the heir to the Gratham estate, Matthew Crawley. Rumors about his departure from the series ran rampant last month when speculation arose as to the fact that he was killed off in the last chapter, the Christmas special.

In any case this does not seem to have been to his detriment in this instance, to some it might be a surprise, but I have been following the lovely Brit with the stunning blue eyes and charming personality for a number of years, and I assure you, the title is well deserved.

Dan Stevens

As you can see, I am correct in my assurances. Dan Stevens is not only talented, handsome and charming, he certainly knows how to dress well. Currently he is on Broadway as part of the cast of ‘The Heiress’, a performance for which he has received some very positive reviews. Fans have enjoyed having him in the Big Apple and he has obliged by, after most performances, coming to say hello, sign autographs and take photos with his adoring public.

Stevens has admitted that he enjoys the adulation and that he has been surprised as to the extent to which Downton Abbey is popular across the pond. He has said he has been stopped more often than in his native England! Never underestimate the dedication of your followers Mr. Stevens.

As to the rest of the honorees for GQ’s Best Dressed Man of 2013, there were some surprises as well. Prince Charles was ranked #8, while his son Prince William only reached #37. The always popular Robert Pattinson received one placing less than Prince Charles. What?

More mentions are: Tom Hiddleston (2), David Gandy (16), Tom Hardy (20), Benedict Cumberbatch (24), Daniel Craig (25), David Beckham (36). Personally I think the list should have included Luke Evans, Henry Cavill and Matthew Macfadyen. Maybe next time.

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