Every year we marvel at the hottest celebrity nude scenes and 2012 is no different. This year we had a CLEAR winner and honey, we know you are still drooling.

Of course Mr. Skin has his list, and we agree on some, but have a few changes and additions….

Channing Tatum and his bare butt definitely knocked the socks off of any other nude scene to hit the screen this year. People put the dance moves aside – lets skip right to the butt scenes. MMMkkkkk.

Like wise, Olivia Munn also gave the audience a nice view of her assets in Magic Mike. That movie was well rounded.

Kristen Stewart had no problem going topless for her On The Road role and of course everyone was dying to see this lip biting vampire take it off.

Of course Anna Hutchinson’s getting their groove on in The Cabin In The Woods thriller is a definite contender for the hottest scene of 2012.

And of finally, everyone has been dying to see Jennifer Aniston do something nude for yeas. She finally gave in this year for her film Wanderlust, but she just happened to be heavily pixelated.

Over all, we have seen years with MUCH more nudity. And I have to say True Blood, I am disappointed with the lack of hotness and passion last season. Yawn. Valentina Cervi (Salome Agrippa) saved the show – it was a step away from The Vampire Diaries. I think everyone knew how freakin’ hot Channing Tatum was in Magic Mike and didn’t even want to try. I mean, was there really a competition?

Let’s see what 2013 brings us.

Till then vote – who do you think had the hottest nude scene of 2012? Who do you want to see this year? Sound off in the comment section or hit me up on twitter @rightentertainm