Anne Hathaway is pregnant with her first child! That is the news via Star magazine, but for some reason I am thinking it is true!

Is Anne Hathaway pregnant?

The actress has always talked about wanting children and has dreamed of being a mother since she was a teenager telling Star earlier this month,

“I have been chomping at the bit to be a mom since I was 16, but I wanted to have a career too. I also had to find a baby daddy first, which now I have!”

She now has a hugely successful career and a wonderful supportive husband so perhaps the timing is right. Add an award in there for he stellar performance for Les Misérables and it will turn out to be quite the year for the actress. A close friend supposedly told Star magazine,

“She’s been avoiding alcohol, talking about nursery colors and decorations and inquiring to close friends who recently gave birth about the best pediatricians. She and Adam are definitely giving off the pregnant bliss vibe, leading loved ones to believe they might have a little one next summer!”

Well first of all this smells fishy – I just don’t think she would be asking for pediatricians when she is not even showing yet. And why not just come right out and say it? I do think she may be pregnant, I just don’t think this “friend” has all the right details.

Anne is one of those actresses – she is amazingly talented and beautiful and yet she kinda flies under the radar. Even with her previous scandal of a relationship (Raffaello Follieri) and her recent snatch shot she just isn’t one of those actresses we see A-L-L over the place. I think she will be a wonderful mother and I am excited to see her move into that role. I adore her!!

Do you think Anne Hathaway is pregnant and baby bump pictures are on the way?