Many have blamed Yoko Ono for The Beatles breaking up, but she insists it was not her fault, at least, not her fault alone and she also states that John Lennon was not the first Beatle to want to leave the band as is widely believed.

Joe Smith, a record industry executive, interviewed Ono in 1987 and part of the previously unpublished piece has been made public by the Library of Congress.

The Beatles

It has been a long standing belief that it was Yoko Ono who caused The Beatles to split up, since she seemed to come between John and the rest of the band.

This interview reveals that among other things, Ringo Starr was the first one to suggest that he wanted out of the band. Yoko suggests that he came to her and John and said that he did not want to be a part of this band, since it was becoming Paul McCartney’s band more than The Beatles.

Apparently, both Starr and George Harrison wanted other things. Starr was interested in movies and Harrison was writing more and more songs and that was difficult to include in every album the band was putting out. Lennon and McCartney were always the main song writers for The Beatles.

In other words, they were all growing in different directions and the band was becoming restrictive for their individual needs. Harrison was also getting more involved with the Hare Krishna movement.

Neither one of the others wanted to be a part of a band that was under the control of McCartney, according to Ono. The Beatles had come to a stage in their career in which they all wanted different things, which were not necessarily compatible with being together.

McCartney and Ono have always been at odds, but he has stated that she wasn’t the cause of The Beatles break up for the band was already breaking up before she came in the scene. A part of their individual growth as artists one can imagine and their need to express themselves in different ways.

The Beatles, one of the most successful bands in history was founded in Liverpool, England in 1960 and broke up in 1970 with numerous hits under their belt.