Marijana Bego’s story is now making the rounds online after she apparently plunged to her death this weekend in NYC. The gallery owner was well connected and considered “kooky,” but her death has come as a sad surprise.

It all began when people on the streets of New York witnessed a woman plunge five floors to her death on Madison Avenue. That plunge was reportedly taken from the very building that one of Bego’s galleries were housed. The 54 year old was found lying in the middle of the road and pronounced dead.

A friend pondered exactly why such a successful person would do such a thing in these tough times in the NY Post:

“I just can’t believe she would jump. Maybe its just the stress of the season… She was very outgoing and edgy because that’s the nature of this business. She dressed very edgy, presenting herself to be younger than she really was.”

It turns out that authorities originally thought she was struck by a car because of the nature of her injuries, which apparently included some serious damage to her legs. But upon further inspection they began leaning toward a suicide.

She was originally from Switzerland, and worked her way into the ownership of three galleries, including the one near where she was found; the Bego-Ezair Gallery in the Upper East Side.

Rumor has it that some very well-respected members of the upper crust visited her galleries, including those who descended from Winston Churchill.

If you do a map search on the address of her gallery, you will see that it is just a block or so from Central Park in a very cozy section of Madison Ave.

She was clearly pursuing her passion for art and was a major success. Hopefully her friends and family can find some kind of peace with the situation. It’s very tragic.