Photos of Melissa Nelson, the Iowa dental assistant who was fired for being irresistibly attractive are in hot demand on the internet right now for good reason, and we have found them at last thanks to several reader tips. Now we can judge for ourselves what makes her so hot, and why all the fuss in Iowa that drove her away from the dentist’s office to become a waitress.

Photo: Melissa Nelson, the Iowa Dental Assistant

The facts of the case seem to suggest a grave injustice has been done to Melissa by the Iowa Supreme Court, whose all male justices ruled unanimously that a male dentist named James Knight, D.D.S. was justified in firing her because she was too cute for him to keep his mind off of work. They say that he acted within his rights to fire her for causing friction in his marriage because he apparently could not keep his eyes off of her.

And what of Melissa Nelson’s rights? Apparently the men of Iowa’s cloth forgot that she matters too. They stripped her of her own right to have a leering boss stay away from her. It cannot possibly become her problem that he thinks with his pecker, but that is what seems to have happened in this travesty of justice in my opinion.

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The court sited the dentist’s admitted “irresistible attraction” as justification for letting her go. Her performance was by all accounts stellar which is why she worked in the office for ten years before his wife apparently started feeling insecure. She found some text messages between the boss and employee which were completely innocent about their family lives, since they are both happily married with children. Reports are that the wife instigated the demand that she be fired, for which hubby dutifully agreed with the wife, saying that she was just too hot for the office environment.

We doubt that very sincerely. If a man cannot keep his mind off his own work just because a woman in the office is attractive, than the right course of action is to fire himself. Just get up and go and leave the practice to the one person, a certain dental assistant, whom his patients can all agree on: Melissa Nelson.

There are more pictures of Melissa below in the gallery. Thanks to a tip from our reader, we have found Missy Nelson’s Facebook page right here. We have reached out to her and are awaiting comment on this article.

Biographically, Ms. Nelson is a 32-year old woman living in Fort Dodge, Iowa, with a gorgeous baby daughter and doting husband whom she has been happily married to for 13 years. She is a native Iowa girl having graduated from Humboldt High School in Humboldt, Iowa. Missy is now a waitress as a result of not being able to find a suitable job in her profession. As you can see in her picture she has gorgeous blue eyes with straight blonde hair with impeccable teeth. Listen to her video interview below.

We have reached out to her attorney, the very accomplished Paige Fielder of Iowa, for comment from Ms. Nelson.

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Update 8/2012: Melissa Nelson appeared on the U.S. television show 20/20 on Friday which profiled her court case and life after her sacking. She is now waiting tables six nights a week and trying to get her career back on track.

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