In one of the most outrageous cases we have heard about in a long time, kudos to law enforcement and the public for identifying the woman alleged to be involved in a child sex tape. Corine Danielle Motley (photos below) of Okaloosa County, Florida, was arrested after pictures of her were distributed to the public by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement seeking to identify the woman in the video.

Photo: Corine Danielle Motley (right)

In the video tape that was uploaded to the internet in Denmark and distributed in Europe, the woman was seen having graphic sex with a young girl who appeared to be no more than five or six years old. Photos were distributed in the United States in an effort to identify her.

She was described by the I.C.E. at the time as a brown-haired woman with blond streaks, a pierced tongue and a mole on her inside of her left thigh. Her eyes were unclear in the video but believed to be green.

Within 24-hours a tip came in from a personal friend of which led law enforcement to arrest her when she was with her husband (named Brandon Motley) in their Florida home. She is now being held in a Florida jail and was initially denied bail. The child was reportedly rescued. Her name was originally misspelled by media as “Corrine” Danielle.

Photos from Corine Danielle Motley’s Facebook page are below in the gallery which are attributed by the Daily Mail along with the original pictures that were circulated by law enforcement. We have been unable to find a Twitter account for her. Remember that in America, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty so we cannot yet pass judgment on her personally. However, readers can assess for themselves if there appears to be a match with the woman in the video.

Biography. Corine Danielle is a 25-year old woman who is living in Okaloosa County, Florida. She is married to a man named Brandon Motley who has thus far not been implicated in the abuse. You can read more here and here and here.

Everyday we see cases of woman and young victims come to our attention. More often than not the cases involved male high school students fraternizing with their teachers, and my general view is that society overreacts on these cases of what for most teenage boys would be considered a conquest.

The case of Corine Danielle Motley is far different because this is true child pornography. If she is indeed found guilty, the molestation of a minor child is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. We hope that justice will be served to the full extent of the law.

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