This is our second story today about an otherwise upstanding woman with a checkered past. When Olivia Black’s nude photos and lingerie pics hit the internet this year, as a result of her collaboration with the soft-porn site, the resulting fallout has cost her a cool job on television’s Pawn Stars, the History Channel’s hit series about buying and selling used goodies in Las Vegas.

Photo: Olivia Black

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Our family values prevent us showing the nude pictures ourselves, but you can find Olivia Black’s scandal photos through the links below or by just looking a little harder. The story today is that she was fired from Pawn Stars, which some meanies are now referring to as Porn Stars. That’s really bad, boys and girls.

In fact Olivia did nothing wrong, and certainly nothing that a thousand other actresses have not done early in their careers, or even later in life when they are trying to regenerate interest in themselves. Shame on Pawn Stars for their mightier than thou attitude. She was a hit on the show.

Ms. Black confirmed head-on her firing on her Twitter account which you can find here in a series of tweets including an emotional one. “The tear have dried and the smiles have returned, I’m fortunate to have worked for pawnstars at all.”

Do not be confused by the Twitter page here with modeling photos of an Olivia Black, because that is not the same girl. It is a brunette model who gets confused with her because she has similar tattoos (on her right arm instead of her left) and a similar handle.

Olivia was very proud of her work at what she called the “World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop” in Las Vegas, the store that birthed Pawn Stars. You can visit her Facebook page and read how she feels about it here and spend some time with her own artistic photo collection there, which contain a few tasteful naked pictures of Olivia Black.

Now tell us what you think dear readers. Seem that Olivia Black’s pictures resulted in a major overreaction by the cable show. Someday in America what women choose to do with their time will be shrugged off as no big deal, but until that time we need to address the fuss by telling everyone to just shut up.

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